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"Whether you like big picture or loud sound we are here to focus on your needs and wants. We can do anything from whole home audio, media rooms, game rooms, theaters and etc. We listen and fine tune to your needs."

Media Rooms: Whether you want your master suite to have surround sound with a monster TV, or a gym with multiple TV.s and Stereo audio; We can make any area a media eccentric room that will wow your guests. We can add accent lighting and voice control to make your experience that more amazing. 

Theaters: Home Theaters with Commercial Theater Audio-Video and the immersive fun of lighting will make you never want to go out to the theaters and will hate when that new movie comes out and you have to. Seat rumblers or DBox seats will add to the experience offering a life like feel. Beautiful picture and loud clear sound tuned to your likes, making your experience more tuned to you.

Game Rooms:  Our goal is to make your gaming experience the most immersive you've had. Computers and lighting that syncs with your game, or Consoles on a big screen, accent lighting, and surround sound. Also VR (Virtual Reality) Rooms that are so immersed with audio, you hear the footsteps behind you.  

Outside Media: We love spending time outdoors, but found that we too often decide whether to stay inside to watch a movie or go enjoy the outside, why not both. Have the TV on, the BBQ grill going, or be swimming and bumping music all while enjoying the beautiful sunlight outdoors.

Whole Home Audio: Having audio in every room is very convenient if you find you're a person who's carrying the speaker all around the house. We install music services like Sonos as well as Music servers like Autonomics, and other link-able whole home wireless speakers. Having speakers in every room makes listening to music a lot more personal and great for parties over at the house.