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"Automation is where we get to be creative, we can have your morning start with an alarm and your lights slowly dimming on your shades rolling up followed by a greeting of your local weather.  Or even end your night with music that will end with the all lights dimming slowly off the temperature being set and the door being checked to ensure its locked. Get creative and reach out with your idea's and we will do what we can to make it happen."

Smart Speakers (Amazon Alexa - Google Assistant - Apple Siri Home): These 3 Automation options are great starters as you can automate and add voice control to a lot of different items around the house. They are cost effective, very powerful, and super fun talking to A.I. to Automate your life. Set schedules and routines, like when your alarm goes off, your lights turn on and you are told the weather.

Smart Remotes (URC - Logitech Harmony): Remotes that make life easier, instead of shuffling around 5 remotes use 1 smart remote to do it all. These remotes can control lights and blinds while using your media devices. Add a Smart speaker and you can even control your media devices with your voice but still have the ease of a remote. 

Smart Lighting (Lutron RA2/Caseta - Vantage- Phillips Hue RGB): Lighting automation is a huge, from smart bulbs to smart switches you get the ability to control and automate your lights just the way you like it. Being able to set schedules and remotely control lights can ease your life. Smart RGB lights are also fun because you can add it to a theater or media rooms to accent the movie or game with color. Smart Switches are convenient because specific buttons can be programmed and your existing bulbs will work if dim-able.

Total Home Automation (Savant - Control 4): With these 2 control systems you are able to control just about everything in your home. We control things from pools, sprinklers, fireplaces, smart outlets, Garage doors, audio systems, media components, Smart speakers, lights, blinds, surveillance systems security systems, etc. Giving you all the power on a mobile device as well as options for Remotes.