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"Security is the most important thing to homeowners today. Take control of what is going on, by being aware by your mobile device if someone is at your door, if you left a door open, or even if the door is locked. We install all types of security measures from cameras, smart deadbolts, contact, motion, glass break and, leak sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and etc."

Cameras: Can range from whole camera systems to Interior WIFI drop-cams. Camera systems are great for capturing and recording lots of area for long periods of time. Where as WIFI drop-cams are great as a security measure to capture motion and small areas with short lengths of time. Camera's are great deterrents as well as just helpful for monitoring your surroundings. We have had people use them not just as security but to watch dogs outside, or use them as baby monitors.

Smart Deadbolts:  Give you the ability to know your house is unlocked, and lock it from any where that your mobile device has internet connection. Lets you set up a schedule to Lock up every night at the time of your choosing. You can give permanent or temporary access to friends and family. Additionally, if you Rent your house to Airbnb, we are able to check guest in remotely and monitor when they leave and check out. 

Smart Video Doorbells: Are becoming super popular as they are a great security measure. Motion activated so when someone is walking up to your door, you are notified before they even ring the doorbell. Equipped with camera's and mics, which allows you to tell guests that you aren't home, or to leave if they are unwanted. Paired with Smart Deadbolts you can see who's at your door and let them in, giving you a lot of control of your home with out even being there.

Sensors: Offer a deeper level of security, ensuring you have the absolute best security. . Glass Break and Contact Closures tell you if a glass door or window are broken to gain entrance into the house, where as a contact closure tells if your door or window is open or closed. Leak sensors you can catch a flood or leak as soon as possible protecting your home and valuables.

Detectors: offer a deeper level of security. Motion Detectors placed carefully throughout the home can catch unwanted people in your house when you are gone. Fire and Carbon Detectors you protect your loved ones, knowing your family is danger before its to late.